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5 Life Altering Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

If you’re struggling with missing teeth, dental implants are often considered the ideal restorative treatment to get your mouth back to looking and feeling healthy.  A dental implant consists of a titanium pillar that is surgically implanted into your jawbone.  Similar to a crown, a dental implant will match the shape and color of your surrounding teeth to give you a beautiful, natural smile.  For someone that has battled the feelings and health issues that come along with missing teeth, this procedure can be absolutely life changing.  Read on to learn five major benefits of choosing dental implants.

Dental Implants Last Longer

Dental implants last longer than any alternative tooth replacement options.  As a permanent tooth replacement solution, dental implants are a one-time fix to your missing tooth or teeth and are also a one-time investment into your health, your looks, and your lifestyle.  Dentures and bridges don’t benefit from this permanency, and often need to be replaced after just a few short years.

Dental Implants are More Convenient

As a permanent solution to your missing teeth, dental implants are out-of-sight and out-of-mind.  You don’t need to worry about them falling out while eating, or mess around with adhesives, as you would dentures.  Do you want to enjoy corn on the cob at the company picnic?  Go ahead!  Your new dental implants will give you a new lease on all the things you missed out on before you lost your tooth. 

Another convenience is the ease of which dental implants are to keep clean.  Simply brush them twice a day as you normally would, keep your routine floss schedule going, and you’re good to go, unlike the daily routine maintenance you need to perform with dentures or crowns.

Dental Implants Keep Your Mouth Healthy and Strong

When you have missing teeth, bone deterioration and bone loss are often soon to follow.  The physical result of these missing teeth is your face appearing “sunken in” over time, leading to premature aging.  Dental implants fill these voids and act to continuously stimulate your jaw bone, just as your normal teeth do.  You benefit from a strong jawbone which means a health and radiant smile and keeping younger looking for longer.

Implants Don’t Alter Your Surrounding Teeth

While other restorative options, such as bridges, require the surrounding teeth they’re fitted to be ground down, dental implants normally have absolutely no impact on your surrounding teeth.  In fact, they will keep surrounding teeth strong to give you a more healthy mouth.

Thinking about getting dental implants?  The dentist at Vestal Dental Associates are happy to invite you to their office for a dental implant consultation to discuss the procedure, pricing, and options.  Their practice has invested in cutting edge technology that makes dental implants a fast and effective procedure and give you a permanent solution to your missing teeth.