Direct Bonding

Cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever. With so many people looking to improve their smiles and their first impressions, we see many patients come through our doors looking to find a more beautiful smile. Direct bonding is one way that we provide our patients with a lovelier smile at Vestal Dental Associates, and it’s a great alternative for those who don’t want to go with a veneer or other cosmetic procedure for better looking teeth.

Direct bonding is used to do several things; repairing minor damage to teeth and to close gaps or even replace silver fillings. The purpose of direct bonding is to provide you with a lovelier smile while simultaneously allowing your teeth to look better, function better and become healthier in the process.

What is Direct Bonding?

Direct Bonding is a process that requires us to use a composite bonding procedure. We take a substance that is best described as looking and functioning much like putty and we apply it to your teeth. This could be done to correct a number of issues, such as the following:

  •   Chipped teeth
  •   Cracked teeth
  •   Direct fillings
  •   Closing tooth gaps
  •   Reshaping imperfect teeth

Made with resin and fillers, this material is shaped precisely to your teeth and created so that it makes your teeth look perfect rather than imperfect as they might already. Direct bonding also helps to cover cavities, but it’s not strong enough to cover large ones and we typically only use it on smaller cavities that might make their home in your teeth.

Patients who choose to have direct bonding applied to their teeth will do so under a local anesthetic to help numb the area to avoid pain. Once this happens, the area is then prepped for the direct bonding. Teeth are cleaned and then our dental experts use a very specific gel to help etch the surface of the tooth. This allows the composite to stick to the tooth without issue. The direct bonding agent is then applied. Once it is on the tooth, the curing light is used to harden the composite to the tooth.

Our dental experts apply the composite in layers to help cover the tooth and provide the look that you are going for. We then polish and glaze each direct bonding so that it looks like the rest of your teeth. Additionally, this helps to keep each tooth looking good.

The Advantages of Direct Bonding

We’ve already gone over most of the biggest benefits of direct bonding, but there is one more that we have to mention. Unlike veneers and other cosmetic dental fixes, direct bonding looks more natural. Veneers are typically never the same exact color as your teeth, and that can become quite apparent the longer they are in your mouth. With direct bonding, though, the color is more closely matched. Direct bonding is simply more realistic looking, allowing you to appear as if you have only your natural teeth in your mouth.

The Disadvantages of Direct Bonding

Like any dental procedure, particularly in the cosmetic dental field, there are disadvantages to something like this. A dental procedure of this nature does have one major drawback, and that is that direct bonding is more likely to stain than other cosmetic procedures. In fact, it’s more likely to stain from natural causes than even your actual teeth, which becomes a bit of a problem for those who really do enjoy their coffee and their tea and red wine.

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