TMJ & Neuromuscular Dentistry

Do you have what feels like a constant headache that will never go away?  Are your teeth worn or do you have teeth that have become cracked or broken?  Has your partner complained of you grinding your teeth to clenching your jaw during the night?  Are you waking up with pain and stiffness in your neck or jaw?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have TMD disorder (also known as TMJ).

Located in Vestal NY and serving patients in the greater Binghamton NY region, the dentists at Vestal Dental Associates have extensive experience in treating TMJ disorder. 

What is TMJ?

For years the term “TMJ” has been used to by people to describe a disorder of the temporomandibular join.  The TM join is located in front of the ear and is commonly referred to as the “jaw joint”.  Just like any other joint in your body, the TM join is an anatomical orthopedic joint and is susceptible to the same problems as all the other joints in your body.  Most disorders of the TMJ are due to the lack of lubrication in joint space and require mainstream medical orthopedic treatments like medications, orthotics and physical therapy.

Symptoms of TMJ

  •   Constant headaches
  •   Temple pain
  •   Tooth or throat pain
  •   Pain or discomfort around the ear
  •   Jaw joint pain
  •   Clicking, popping or grating noise in the jaw joint
  •   Worn down teeth
  •   Locking of the jaw joint
  •   Clenching or grinding
  •   Uncomfortable or changing bite
  •   Dizziness
  •   Gum recession
  •   Neck and shoulder pain
  •   Pain when opening the mouth or chewing

How We Treat TMJ

The dentists at Vestal Dental Associates utilize neuromuscular dental therapy to treat TMJ.  In simple terms, this a retraining of the jaw to put it back into its optimal position, essentially relieving the symptoms of TMJ.  Unlike traditional dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry works both the hard tissues and soft tissues in your mouth and jaw, along with muscles and nerves.  These soft and hard tissues should have a harmonious relationship with one another and when that relationship gets disturbed, neuromuscular dentistry helps put everything back into place.

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