CEREC One-Visit Dentistry

If you have ever broken or damaged a tooth, you know that you want nothing more than to have it repaired quickly.  Delicate nerves inside your enamel become exposed to bacteria which can be destructive and cause intense pain.  What once would take multiple visits to the dentist can now be completed in one short visit with our new CEREC tooth restoration system.

Vestal Dental Associates has been instrumental in bringing the CEREC system to the Southern Tier which allows our dentists to restore your tooth in one visit.  This means you spend less time in the dental chair and allows you to get back to your daily life quicker.  CEREC stands for “Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics” and it allows our dentists to fit, build and place your crown in just one visit.  In addition to being fast, CEREC crowns are fashioned from dental porcelain which gives your crown a completely natural appearance.  Your friends and family will never even be able to tell you that you had a repair.

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Replace Your Old, Metal Fillings

CEREC is used for more than just emergencies.  If you have old, metal fillings CEREC one-visit crowns can replace your old fillings in just one visit.  Our dentists prefer the CEREC system over traditional crowns due to their high strength and their natural fit and strength.

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Vestal Dental Associates provides the CEREC one-visit crown system to patients in the greater Binghamton area and their office is just a short drive from Owego NY and Ithaca NY.  You’ll find our team caring and compassionate and you’ll feel like a member of our family from the time you step into our office, to the time you walk out our door with a smile.  To schedule your one-visit CEREC treatment, fill out the form on this page or call our office at 607-785-3339.

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