Root Canal Treatments

Root canal therapy, also known as dental endodontics, is the process of removing nerves and blood vessels from a tooth that have become problematic due to damage and/or infection.  Elective root canal therapy may be required in some cases which is the process of removing a “live” nerve from a tooth.  Decay, injury and gum disease can all lead to root canal infection and depending on how extensive the infection, root canal therapy may be the only way to repair your tooth.

What is the Root Canal of a Tooth?

Inside your tooth is a core of blood vessels and nerves that is referred to as the “pulp” and the area this pulp is contained in is referred to as the root canal.  The farther back into your mouth your tooth is, the more root canals are in the core of the tooth.  Your front teeth normally have one root canal while teeth at the back of your mouth can have more than three.

What are the Signs of a Root Canal Infection?

If your tooth has deep decay or has become injured, they can become damaged which may lead to the death of the blood vessels inside your root canal.  When this occurs, the tooth is considered “dead” and has a good chance of becoming infected.  If left untreated, a dental abscess can form due to an increase in bacteria which pushes beyond the end of the root.  This causes a collection of pus at the end of the root which pushes the tooth up slightly out of its socket resulting in tenderness when you bite down.  If not treated immediately, infection can spread to nerves and surrounding soft tissue which can result in nausea, difficulty swallowing and fever.

Our Root Canal Procedure

We keep you comfortable during your root canal treatment by using a local anesthetic and for those who struggle with anxiety in the dental chair, we offer sedation for the ultimate in comfort.  After you’ve been anesthetized, your dentist will gently remove the damaged pulp and nerve and clean the inside of the root canal.  After a thorough cleansing, the root canal is filled with a natural polymer.  We use both hand tools and gentle ultrasonic instruments to be sure all canals both big and small are treated.

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CEREC Crowns Completed in One Visit

After root canal treatment has been completed, the treated tooth will most likely need a crown placed over it for protection.  Using our state-of-the-art CEREC system, we can design, mill and fabricate a high-strength porcelain crown in about one hour.  This means your root canal procedure can be complete in one short visit without the need for a temporary crown or an additional appointment.

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