Pediatric Dentistry

Our thoughtful, friendly and caring staff will make your child feel like they're a part of our family and help them understand the importance of proper dental care.

Children really rely on their parents to teach them how to live their lives to the fullest, and this includes learning to live their lives in good health. What parents model, children learn. For this reason, we always encourage our patients to make sure they schedule an appointment with our dental professionals at least every six months for a routine cleaning and care. We ask that our smallest patients do the same. Pediatric dentistry is so important to our practice, because our smallest patients are some of our most important.

At such a young age, it’s imperative that our tiny patients learn the importance of great oral health care. Your children are also our children, and we are proud to see them show off their smiles and their great brushing and flossing skills every six months. It’s why we have a pediatric dental practice within our offices at Vestal Dental Associations. We know that teeth are not just for adults; so kids need to care for theirs, too. Our pediatric dental professionals make it a priority to help kids learn the basics of brushing, flossing and caring for their oral health, and we also like to have a little fun with them. Their teeth are our priority, and that’s why we want to see our smallest patients when they finally get a few teeth we can check out.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is really not all that different than regular dentistry. The biggest difference is that we like to give kids a little treat and view them as VIP clients in our offices; our staff loves kids. We like to see our smallest patients every six months to help ensure they are given the chance that they need to have the healthiest smiles possible. We provide your children with a cleaning and a routine check-up that allows us to see how well your children’s mouths are developing, if there are any issues that we should address and to keep reminding them to brush and floss. We also like to make sure the Tooth Fairy is doing her job.

Another of the services we provide to our smallest patients is dental sealants. So important for a healthy mouth, we use sealants to protect teeth from cavities. We place this white resin on permanent molars to make them more resistant to cavities. Another service we provide our children is digital X-Rays, and not just because kids think they’re cool. This allows us to see inside the mouth in the most accurate manner possible, ensuring we do not miss anything that might need our attention.

What Can You Expect from A Pediatric Visit?

Your children need not worry about their dental appointments. We like to begin seeing your children when they are around 1 year of age or have 8 teeth. This is what we like to call early prevention, and it is crucial to the overall health of you children’s mouth. We have a different approach to dental cleanings and check-ups for every age, and we tailor our appointments to each child.

Our pediatric dental staff gets to know your kids, and gets to know what makes them feel comfortable in the chair. We don’t want your little ones frightened that we might hurt them, so we do our best to make them comfortable in rooms designed for little ones. Our appointments run smoothly and efficiently, as we are perfectly well aware that children only allow us a certain timeframe before they want to move onto something else. Your child’s first visit will entail a little more paperwork than usual, but should only take a few minutes longer than usual to handle.

Schedule A Pediatric Dentistry Consultation

Few things in life are as beautiful and as lovely as the smiles of children, and we like to make sure that our littlest patients have the best smiles in all of New York. To schedule a consultation with your children with our pediatric dental professionals, give us a call. The consultation allows your children to see if they are comfortable with us, to get a feel for our offices and go home with a little something special that they can use when they brush their teeth before bed. Call us at (607) 785-3339 to schedule your first consultation and to let your kids get to know us. A bright smile starts the moment you are born and doesn’t stop. Let us help your children always feel confident enough to show off their big smiles and their happy hearts.

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