Professional Teeth Whitening

It is an unfortunate fact that over time teeth begin to lose the natural luster they once had. While aging and wear and tear are often to blame, staining agents such as tea, coffee, soda, red wine and other products can also contribute to your teeth losing their radiant glow. Fortunately for our patients, discolored teeth can now be returned to their natural white look through our professional teeth whitening treatments.

Why Whiten My Teeth Professionally?

Beside the fact that professional teeth whitening has quickly become the most popular cosmetic dental procedure around, professional teeth whitening can help you in a number of ways. The first is, naturally, causing your stained and imperfect teeth to look good again. This is also a process that helps on a deeper level. When your teeth are stained and yellowed, it often causes you to want to hide them. This means you don’t laugh as much, you keep your smile tight and you don’t allow your natural beauty to shine through.

This causes a negative effect on your overall level of happiness and confidence, and that’s a problem. We want our patients to feel comfortable with their smiles, and we want you to want to show them off. There are a number of additional benefits associated with professional teeth whitening, too.

  •   It’s the fastest teeth whitening procedure on the market
  •   Professional whitening works faster and more efficiently than at-home products
  •   Tooth and gum sensitivity is more controlled in the office than it is with at-home products

In the office, we like to keep our patients happy by allowing them to get in and out as quickly as possible without weeks or days of whitening. Our products are more concentrated and more powerful than anything you can use at home, which means you’ll not only get whiter teeth; you’ll get whiter teeth much faster than you would doing this process at home on your own.

What Stains Are Treatable?

Our patients are important to us, which is why we like to be up front with you from the start. There are a number of different stains that cannot be whitened with an in-office or at-home product. We do not want our patients to come in and leave dissatisfied with their whitening if your stains are not the type that are easily whitened with a product like this, which is why we want you to know ahead of time what works and what does not.

If you have stains caused by the following, we can remove them with whitening in the office:

  •   Aging
  •   Stains caused by consumption of certain foods and beverages
  •   Smoking

Unfortunately, teeth whitening works magic only on some stains. Others are not as easily treated. This includes:

  • Inorganic stains
  • Darkened dentin causes by trauma
  • Tetracycline antibiotic side effects
  • Too much exposure to fluoride

Can Anyone Have Their Teeth Whitened?

While most people respond quite well to teeth whitening in our offices, there are always patients we advise to avoid this procedure. Patients who are sensitive to tooth and gum hypersensitivity should not undergo this process. It causes the teeth to hurt too badly to undergo the process. In this situation, we often recommend that our patients use alternative whitening methods, such as one of our take-home trays.

When you are in the office for a teeth whitening treatment, we know that your time is valuable. Aside from the bleaching gel that has to sit on the esthetic zone teeth for 15 to 30 minutes and the fresh gel applied after that is cleaned off for the same period of time, our process is quick and painless. We want to get you in and out with a fresh new smile as quickly as possible so you can continue with your day without too much interruption to your schedule. If you are not satisfied with the color change after a few days, we encourage you to return to our office for another session as some stained teeth are more difficult to whiten than others.

Schedule A Consultation with Our Teeth Whitening Experts

The first step to a gorgeous and white smile is to call to schedule a consultation with one of our teeth whitening experts. We must first determine if the staining in your mouth is the kind that responds to whitening, and if you are a candidate. Once we take a look at your teeth and determine what the staining consists of and whether or not it is capable of being whitened with our materials, we can then determine how much whitening is necessary and when we can begin the process. Call us now to schedule a consultation at (607) 785-3339.

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