Patient Reviews

Since opening our doors in 1955 we've had the pleasure of serving our friends and famly in our community.  See what they're saying about Vestal Dental Associates.

I had to visit Vestal Dental in an emergency with my daughter. The care she was provided was so incredibly amazing and high quality that I can't even explain how thankful I was.

Dr. Nolan Robinson did everything to save my daughter's teeth after they got severely damaged in an accident . Dr. Robinson's care and attention to details were second to none that we will forever be thankful for . They don't only excel in dentistry but the office is so amazingly helpful with appointments that works for your schedule and paperwork/billing.

I highly recommend Vestal Dental if you are looking for a high quality dentist office with nice, personable and caring staff!

Agnes Matson
Source: - 10/25/2023

Dr. Nolan Robinson did an amazing job with our son who has dental anxiety! Quick, smooth appointment and all smiles when we left! Thanks Dr. Robinson and your amazing team!

Laura Emmons
Source: - 4/12/2023

Excellent dentist! Dr troy is the best! Great care by hygienists. Affordable. Pain free and eased my dental worries. Great local option.

Ashley Condie
Source: - 11/2/2022

Best dental office I have ever been to! Will come here again!

Mohammed aloufi
Source: - 9/16/2022

Great dentist and staff. Affordable pricing.

Stewart Nicholson
Source: - 8/16/2022

Dr. Troy and Dr.Nolan are both very professional and go above and beyond for their patients. Recently switched and couldn’t be happier.

Eric Micholychak
Source: - 7/20/2022

I've been going to Vestal Dental for 15 years now and seeing Dr. Mike. He is simply the best, along w his staff. He makes sure I have no pain and is so friendly and caring that I no longer dread going to the dentist. I can think of no higher praise than that!

Victor Lay
Source: - 5/20/2022

I can't begin to say how thankful I am for the patience and kindness of Vestal Dental!!! When I say I have a massive fear of the dentist it's no joke, and they worked with me and helped me feel comfortable and were incredibly patient, not to mention that they are super gentle. I can't thank Brittany and Dr. Nolan Robinson enough, you have helped me feel so much more comfortable. The entire team from start to finish is amazing! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Jesse Parker
Source: - 4/14/2022

I 100% recommend this place! It was my first appointment here as I came from another dentist and I would never go back. They made me feel comfortable and explained in depth as to what was going on. Brittany my doctors assistant was super friendly as well.

Amelia Smith
Source: - 3/31/2022

The staff was absolutely wonderful and they did a wonderful job. I am normally very skeptic on going to new dentists, but they made me feel very comfortable.

Amber Ann
Source: - 3/16/2022

I had some work done by a previous dentist. He hacked the job, someone pointed me into Doctor Troy's direction and he was able to fix the issue and with such generosity and care I will never ever use another dental office. The fear Ive had all my life of dentists is gone. Thank you Dr. Troy and all the staff for such a positive experience for the past 6 months!!

Samantha Shelton
Source: - 3/1/2022

I had some dental work done at Vestal Dental yesterday. I was greeted right away by a very friendly receptionist. Dental assistant Brittany brought me back to the treatment room where she had everything in place and ready to go. Dr Robinson then came in to start the procedure. I never felt any pain or discomfort the whole time I was being worked on. Brittany and Dr. Nolan are an efficient team and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Stephen J Appel
Source: - 1/13/2022

A few weeks back I experienced some discomfort and pain in my back molar. I called Vestal Dental Associates and they had me there checked in within 30 minutes to give me an assessment of what was going on and causing that pain. I scheduled a time to get the tooth pulled, and after having the procedure, I feel much better. I highly recommend this dental practice to anyone in the greater Binghamton area. Dr. Troy was very helpful and thorough in describing everything that they did in my procedure.

Nate Fox
Source: - 12/16/2021

I had an emergency dental issue and my current dental practice seemed rather unconcerned as to my situation of pain which was unbearable, he offered very little relief. Vestal Dental came highly recommended so I gave them a call and they got me in on the same day. After an xray was done a root canal was needed so Dr. Troy started it immediately. While no root canal is ever easy, he and his assistant were fantastic, compassionate as to what I was going through and getting it done. I left the office in MUCH better shape then when I entered, when I got up that morning I would never have thought I would have finally gotten some relief. Dr. Troy called the next morning to see how I was doing, another caring gesture to take time out of his day to do this.There is a lot to be said for people who want to make you feel better no matter what they're job is.These are those people and I'm glad I knew someone who recommended them.

Heidi Panella
Source: - 9/16/2021

I had a dental emergency and I have never had such a team to assist me and monitor me throughout my procedure. Kudos to Dr. Troy and all of the staff- I now have scheduled my new patient appointment! 5 or more stars!

Walt Huber
Source: - 9/10/2021

Top level service at Vestal Dental. Dr. Mike changed my life with his artistry. I had six crowns done and Dr. Mike took his time and did outstanding work. I had minimal to no pain during and after the procedures and I received phenomenal customer service every time I had a visit. They also have great payment options! I give Vestal Dental my highest recommendation.

Brian Peacock
Source: - 8/17/2021

Vestal Dental is honestly one of my favorite hang out spots! Dr. Mike and all of the dental hygienist & receptionists honestly go above and beyond. They are always in such a good mood and make you really feel personally welcome as an individual and not just a patient with bad teeth. They literally do not judge you. I am new to the practice, I haven been in to see Dr. Mike 3 times since the summer and I can honestly say that not only is he tremendous at his job, you can tell he is a great mentor to the hygienists and really appreciates the work he does and enjoys his patients reactions to the amazing work he does.

Thanks for everything Vestal Dental Association, I look forward to my next appointment!

Kassandra Woodford
Source: - 5/12/2021

This is a wonderful Dentist. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly and the care is exceptionally high quality and they provide a personal experience each time you visit. You have the same doctor and hygienist at each visit so you get to know them and they are able to get to know you as a person too.

Source: - 3/17/2021

I cannot say enough good things about Vestal Dental and Dr. Troy. I was in severe pain in my back tooth for 3 days, which was restricting all aspects of my daily life. I could not eat nor sleep, and none of the recommendations to relieve the pain that I found online would work. My regular dentist in Owego simply recommended tripling ibuprofen doses and sent a referral for a root canal. After calling the 2 Endodontists in the area and finding out they were booking a month out, I was devastated. There was absolutely no way that I could wait that long in the amount of pain that I was in. I searched for emergency dental services through Google and decided to try Vestal Dental. I am so glad that I did! They were able to see me within hours and Dr. Troy performed a root canal, instantly relieving my pain. Over the following weekend, I had a question about the procedure, and even though they were not open, I left a message on their "emergency line" and Dr. Troy called me back within 15 minutes to discuss it.

It has been 2 weeks since the procedure and I have not had any problems with the root canal and have not had any pain in the area.

Overall, this was the best dental experience that I have ever had! The staff was cheerful and took the time to listen to my concerns. They reviewed my options with me and reviewed cost and payment options before the procedure, so that I could make an informed decision. I give Vestal Dental 5/5 stars, and would recommend them to all of my friends and family.

Thank you, Vestal Dental and Dr. Troy!

Danielle Kilmer
Source: - 2/10/2021

My husband needed emergency dental services. I called the office at 8 am. He was seen at 9 am the same day. They were wonderful!

Louise Clark
Source: - 11/27/2020

I had a great experience with Vestal Dental. I needed an emergency visit during the Covid pandemic. They were able to see me the next day and were very professional and welcoming. I would recommend them highly.

James DeRose
Source: - 5/14/2020

Dr. Robinson is very skilled, professional. Nice office staff/environment.

Ashley Marconi
Source: - 2/19/2020

The staff are great. Joanne does an amazing job. She explains everything and makes sure you understand. She put in a lot of work getting my teeth cleaned this year.

Scott Crowell
Source: - 1/22/2020

I can’t say enough. Simply the best.

Daniel Vega
Source: - 12/28/2019

Woke up at 4 AM with one morning with excruciating tooth pain. I didn’t have a dentist at that point so I called Vestal Dental as have heard great things about them! I called them as soon as they opened the same morning and they fit me in a few hours later! Ended up needing a root canal and it was super speedy and done with great care. They gave me information I needed regarding the cost and also what foods to avoid. Went back today to remove the temporary filling and put in a permanent filling and they were again very nice and speedy. Very happy with my experience there and excited to be a new patient there! Would highly recommend! ☺️

Mikala Chadwick
Source: - 12/20/2019

Wow. From the moment I first called til the moment I left. I love in Florida and had a dental emergency while working in New York. They fit me in that exact day, and saw that I got the best care possible as quick as possible to get me out of the pain I was in. The staff from front desk to payment was beyond phenomenal. By far my absolute best dental visit ever! Thank you! And thank you doctor Richardson specifically for being the most informative dentist I’ve ever met.

Jared Massey
Source: - 11/22/2019

Today was my first visit. I needed to have a molar removed. Everyone in the office was fantastic. Dr. Buglione was very good and the extraction was painless. Thank you all for a pleasant visit. See you soon!

David Lefcheck
Source: - 10/26/2019

I am beyond happy with my experience at Vestal Dental. Everyone is friendly and Dr. Noah has saved me money and is very good at what he does and caring. He has given me the gift of being able to smile again. I wish I found this dental practice years ago

Myra Harkness
Source: - 9/11/2019

Fantastic experience from start to finish. This office is filled with friendly, happy, competent people who actually care about their patients and work hard to ensure the experience is a positive one. Dr. Ray is thorough, knowledgeable, skillful, careful, articulate, and kind, all of the things most needed in a dentist. The difference from prior dental office experiences is amazing. I cannot recommend this team highly enough.

Maria Small
Source: - 8/15/2019

First time paitent here! I am relatively new to the area as a recent college graduate. Let me just start by telling you how I instantly fell in love with this place. Upon my arrival, I was warmly greeted by staff and given a tour of the facility. I felt more than a “number”, and I felt appreciated. Dr. Robinson took his time with me, and we got to know each other a bit. I didn’t feel rushed what so ever as I have in the past at other doctors offices. My dental hygienist was an absolute sweetheart! Thank you Dr. Robinson and to the entire staff for making this a painless, pleasurable experience!

Andrew Gurka
Source: - 6/20/2019

I’ve been to several dentists throughout our area over the years, most of which left me disappointed and even in tears once. I am beyond satisfied with Vestal Dental Associates. Not only is the quality of services top notch, the staff is incredibly kind and empathetic which is so important to me! Both dental and financial plans are clear and organized. Best dentist office, hands down! Highly recommend!

Source: - 5/16/2019

Best dental clinic in the region without a doubt. After many years of searching, I have finally found my place. I was immediately set up with an emergency appointment and back to back visits according to my needs and flexibility. Dr. Robinson is as amazing as he is described everywhere with a level of expertise being above and beyond. He is very caring, understanding and most importantly to me, nonjudgmental, as are his teammates. I certainly hope everyone finds their way to them because they will surely leave you with a life changing experience and a super happy smile! :)

Ishrat Hossain
Source: - 4/18/2019

Was referred by my brother and i was nervous going to new place but got an appointment and went and truly a great experience and love my dentist as was a great visit i scheduled my whole family appointments to go so glad i tried it here they all are great and friendly😊❤️

Stac Gv
Source: - 3/22/2019

The staff here are wonderful. The friendliest dentist office I've been to.

Mr. X
Source: - 2/14/2019

Recently I went there for the first time. Quite literally EVERY staff member I encountered were friendly and REAL(Not robotic, over-the-top Yes-men telling me what I wanted to hear). 2 FRIENDLY receptionists assisted with my intake paperwork and after a SURPRISINGLY SHORT wait I was taken back by a very FRIENDLY assistant. The Dentist arrived shortly after and as I expressed my anxiety regarding Dental work, he was HONESTLY PATIENT, UNDERSTANDING, and HELPFUL! The procedure was QUICK and PAINLESS, and after another FRIENDLY staff member processed my payment, I was actually walked right to the door and bid farewell. After 28 years of dealing with Dental Offices, this is UNDOUBTEDLY the BEST, so much so this is my FIRST REVIEW for any type of service EVER.

If you like being treated with respect, feeling at ease and having your concerns actually heard and taken care of to YOUR desire then visit this place.

Anthony Kormos
Source: - 2/13/2019

Dr. Robinson listens to not only your concerns but he also takes care of his patients. I do love the entire staff at Vestal Dental as they make my world brighter each time I visit!

Jessica Bebel
Source: - 2/7/2019

Our experience with Dr. Robinson and all the staff at Vestal Dental has been totally trustworthy. We truly appreciate Dr. Robinson's honesty and dedication.

Source: - 1/25/2019
I have been a patient at Vestal Dental for many years. I always go in confident that I am in the best of hands, with a knowledgeable, talented, and compassionate team. The atmosphere is very friendly and personable; it is always a positive, pleasant experience!
Mary Rettberg
Source: - 1/16/2019

What a great expirence. I currently am a resident of Tennessee, but when it comes to my teeth, Im forever spoiled now and return to Vestal dental especially when I need somthing major. Today I had an extraction of a cracked molar (to install an implant later) as the result of a popcorn kernal. While I was in Tn., I had a local dentist there check it out, but decided to head to Vestal dental to get it fixed while visiting family. I couldnt be happier that I did! Of course I was a little anxious, but they made me feel at ease. They use the latest methods and my comfort was important to them. I am amazed by their skill everytime. So glad I found them. THANK YOU VESTAL DENTAL!!!

Jack OBrien
Source: - 12/29/2018

I can’t say enough about this practice. Kerry cleaned my teeth and Dr. Mike made a treatment plan for me. Everyone in the office is super friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this office for anyone who is nervous about seeing a dentist, they’re so wonderful!

Bridgette Duncan
Source: - 11/23/2018

Best dental care in Broome county. I have been going to Dr. Ray for many years and have had the best experience with all extensive dental procedures such as bridges and fillings. Very courteous staff and the best hygienists for cleanings Would recommend this practice to anyone looking for expert dental care.

Julia Longo
Source: - 11/8/2018

Wonderful experience from on time appointments to hygienists that insure you're comfortable for the entire time. Highly recommend!

Source: - 9/13/2018

I have always had excellent experiences at Vestal Dental Associates. From the office staff to the hygienists and dentists, everyone is friendly, professional and highly skilled. They are well versed in all of the latest trends and technology in regard to dental practices. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this practice for all of your dental care needs!

Matthew Szeliga
Source: - 6/7/2018

Vestal Dental is always warm and welcoming! Dr. Robinson is good about getting me in quickly whenever I have had any issues with a tooth. Both my hygienist Kerry and Dr Robinson polite and professional, and they worked very well with my three year old for her first dental visit.

Sarah Graham
Source: - 5/24/2018

Dr. Robinson, Sarah, Debbie and all the staff at Vestal Dental were absolutely amazing. They were so polite, talked me through my options and even accommodated me when other dentists wouldn’t!! I had an abscessed tooth and was in so much pain. They eased my pain and extracted the tooth with so much care that I didn’t feel a thing! Recovery time was fast too! If you are seeing any other dentist, you need to switch to Vestal Dental today. Thank you for taking such good care of me!

Sarah Nichole
Source: - 4/19/2018

The best staff, and Dentists I've encountered in our area! Excellent use of technology, in a relaxing environment.

Aaron Graham
Source: - 11/17/2017

I had a GREAT experience at my dental appointment this week. I had my teeth cleaned by Kerry who always does a great job! I then had a few fillings completed by Dr. Ray Buglione and his assistant, Stephanie. The Vestal Dental team always makes me feel welcome and comfortable! I will only go to Vestal Dental Associates for all of my dental needs!

Christopher Abbott
Source: - 9/15/2017

What a amazing dental experience!!!! Every staff member was so welcoming! I have been to several dentists office in my life, well I will never go to another again! JoAnn was my hygienists, she is VERY knowledgeable in what she does, told me a little bit about herself and made me few right at ease. Dr Ray did my exam, the same goes for him! Made me feel at ease and explained what he was going to do and why. Vestal are stuck with me for life!

Donna Staub
Source: - 7/21/2017

Very Professional, Every visit is fun, laughable and the staff are caring, very knowledgeable, and will take the time and effort to make sure your visit is perfect. One of the only Dentist offices that I look forward to coming back to for all my dental needs.

William V.
Source: - 7/20/2017

They don't take my insurance, but they're better than most dental places I've ever been to. I still go here after 20 years.

Alfalfa Scout
Source: - 7/14/2017

The people at Vestal Dental are the most kind and caring people I have ever met. They truly do care about you a a person/ family. I have a family of 6 and half of us (myself being 1) were terrified and hated the dentist. I would have to drag everyone or skip cleanings before I found Vestal Dental because it was such a chore to make 2 of my children and myself go. Now we have routine cleanings and my youngest who couldn't even walk into a dentist with out crying due to a bad experience at another place, gets his teeth fixed with out any one in the room with him! I strongly recommended Vestal Dental if you like to feel at home and with family instead of just another patient.

Charity Young-Held
Source: - 7/12/2017

They were amazing! They got me in right away. They were very professional and courtesy. Not your standard dental experience! They even called the next day to check how was doing. Highly recommend!

Joe Brainard
Source: - 3/8/2017

A friendly place with expert service

Nancy Basmann
Source: - 4/20/2016