Shared Passion

Experience & Culture

Vestal Dental Associates is a people serving business, driven by core values and high ethical standards. We will treat each and every person as a guest in our home. The patient experience is just as important as the dentistry performed, and is always welcoming, positive, uplifting, and genuine. Our environment is a balance between functionality, excellence, and a warm friendly approach. We will enhance the lives of others, allowing each patient and team member to feel good about being a part of our practice.

Team & Leadership

Our team at Vestal Dental Associates is fully committed to the best interest of our patients, of each other, and of the long-term success of the practice. Together we will deliver the highest quality treatment, while maintaining a fun and enjoyable, yet passionate environment. Each team member will lead by example, caring for patients with the utmost respect and responsibility. Our leadership will listen and respond to the needs of the team, the patients, and the community, allowing team members the freedom to create unique positive experiences with a true sense of belonging.

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Knowledge & Technology

Vestal Dental Associates will commit to the acquisition and the sharing of knowledge in order to deliver consistent product and service excellence. Our highly educated and trained team will set the “standard of care,” placing a priority on innovation, involvement, and investment. Through profound listening skills and active responding, each patient will have the freedom to customize a plan for their dental future aimed at fulfilling their needs and desires.

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Community & Relationships

Vestal Dental Associates will embrace a sense of social responsibility and volunteerism, building a genuine emotional bond by exploring what our patients and the community truly value. Our broad awareness will extend beyond dentistry, to those who may never become patients, supporting the longevity of our local economy and community. A reputation of integrity will lead us in building comfortable trustworthy relationships, centered on listening, individual attention, and adding significant value to people’s lives.

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