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What Exactly is a CEREC Dental Implant?

In recent years, CEREC technology has become the most efficient method in creating and placing dental implants along with crowns, restorations and veneers.  CEREC utilizes cutting edge CAD/CAM technology to bring the technique of creating and placing dental implants into the 21st Century.  This technology allows dental implants to be constructed and placed incredibly quickly to give patients the most pleasant experience possible.  Patients will find dental implants created with CEREC technology equally, if not more, functional and attractive as those crafted from traditional methods.

Why Would I Need a CEREC Dental Implant?

A tooth that has become badly damaged must be replaced as quickly as possible to avoid oral health problems.  If left unattended, these issues can range from shifting teeth or even a sagging face.  With advancements made possible by CEREC dental implants, it is possible to create quality dental implants in less than a day.  Dental implants offer many oral health benefits along with giving patients the confidence boost that comes with a healthy smile.

Same Day Dental Implants

One of the biggest benefits of CEREC dental implants is how fast the process is from your initial consultation to eating your first meal with your new implant.  The process for maintaining your new dental implant is the same as your normal teeth and is accomplished through your daily dental hygiene routine.  Many CEREC dental implants can be placed the same day which means no more back and forth visits to the dentist with uncomfortable waiting periods in between.  You can visit Vestal Dental in the morning and walk out later that day with your dental implants in place and enjoy a meal with your family - all in the same day.

How Your Dental Implants are Measured and Placed

CEREC begins with our dentists taking a three-dimensional image of the part of your mouth requiring the dental implant.  The proprietary CEREC software is then used by the dentist to refine the model prior to the on-site computer assisted milling machine creating your new dental implant.  Your new high strength, perfectly formed implant is then embedded directly into the socket of your tooth.  Once your new CEREC dental implant is in place, you’ll enjoy a confident, new smile and be able to eat whatever food you desire.

If you’d like a CEREC consultation with one of our experienced dentist, call Vestal Dental today or fill out the appointment request form on our website and we’ll call you to schedule a convenient time for your visit.