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How Our Latest Innovation Can Increase Your Dental Health

At Vestal Dental Associates, we’re dedicated to providing our patients with the latest in advanced dental technology to improve your dental health and get you out of our chair and back to your life as quickly as possible. Our latest technological innovation has been the purchase of an amazing new scanner called a cone-beam CT that will help our team assess and implement a variety of treatments. 

What is a Cone Beam CT?

If you’ve been to a doctor or a dentist, then we’re sure you are familiar with a traditional X-ray.  An X-ray is a photograph taken using X-ray waves which easily penetrates soft tissue but not bone.  This allows an X-ray to provide doctors with a very good visualization of bone structure.

A CT scan is essentially another method of using X-rays. Defined as “computerized tomography”, a scanner rotates around a patient while taking a series of X-rays and then transmitted to a computer which creates a 3D model of the part of the body that was scanned.  This detailed, 3D image allows doctors to study your bone structure from a variety of angles and get a detailed view of the area in question.

A cone-beam CT takes the process a step further by using a more spread-out X-ray beam in the shape of a cone.  This cone shaped beam provides even more detail as it is generated at one point and spreads out from there.

How Will Our New ORTHOPHOS SL 3D Scanner Impact Your Dental Health?

Having an accurate, detailed image of the structures in your mouth is essential for our dentists to provide you with the best treatment options.  As an example, when placing dental implants, our dentists need to visualize the thickness and shape of the bone, the exact locations of the surrounding teeth, and where other structures are located that could impact the final placement. 

With our new ORTHOPHOS SL 3D scanner, our dentists now have an extraordinary ability to detect the structures within your mouth and implement a treatment with little chance for unforeseen surprises.  A full scan takes less than one minute to complete which means you’ll benefit from enhanced comfort in our office while we get more detailed images to provide you with better dental care.

Now offering Cone Beam CT Scans to All New Patients

If you’ve been searching for a dentist in the Binghamton, NY region, the addition of our new scanner adds a new level of dental care.  Located in the heart of Vestal, NY, our office is comprised of a kind, compassionate team who genuinely care about every patient who comes through our door.  Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and let our team get to know you and your family.