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Traditional Crowns Vs. One Day CEREC Crowns

At Vestal Dental, we have lots of experience with patients coming into our practice needing an unexpected dental crown.  When an accident or dental emergency happens, you may find yourself missing a section of your tooth.  Anyone who has experienced this knows what a foreign and uncomfortable feeling this can be.  It is for this reason that most people make an appointment right away for a crown to get the problem fixed.

Traditional Crowns

The traditional way to create a dental crown is a much longer process and not possible to implement in one sitting.  You would need to visit the dentist for an inspection, wait to have your tooth measured, get a messy impression, and then wait two weeks or sometimes longer for the crown to arrive while wearing an awkward fitting substitute while you wait.

CEREC Crowns

New technology has allowed us to forgo this archaic process. Vestal Dental has invested in CEREC one-day crown technology that allows our experts to create custom fitting dental crowns on the same day you visit our office.

How CEREC Technology Works

As opposed to the traditional crown building process where impressions are taken, CEREC technology allows this to happen quickly through digital scanning and precise CAD technology.   This gives our dentists the ability to see your crown placed in your mouth in 3D before it is even placed!  Once this imagery is completed, the CAD-CAM machine creates an exact model through the guidance and skill of your cosmetic dentist.  Once ready, the crown is bonded to your tooth in the same manner as a traditional crown.  This speeds up the process, avoids messy and uncomfortable impressions, and allows the patient to have their crown scanned, created and placed all in one visit.   CEREC crowns are much more attractive looking, naturally feeling and stronger than traditional crowns. 

The Advantages of CEREC Crowns

  • CAD and advanced scanning technology allow for custom, precision fit crowns
  • Crown can be immediately placed after scanning and milling
  • No need for multiple visits to install your crown
  • Arrive at our office with a broken tooth, leave the same day with a new, perfect tooth
  • Results are effective and long lasting, just like traditional crowns
  • CEREC Crowns are comparable in cost to traditional crowns

Learn More About CEREC Crowns

To discuss getting a custom fit CEREC crown with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists, visit our office today or call (607) 785-3339.