Under Armor Mouth Guards

Perhaps you did not know that there are a number of dangers in sports. There is so much attention focused on the concussion issues associated with so any different sports that people often forget that there are other issues and damage that can often occur on the field. Dental health is often at risk on the field. It might not be as prevalent or as dangerous as a concussion or other health issue of that nature, but it’s important to us in the dental field.

Under Armour is one of the most popular sports brands in the world, and they’ve created a piece of equipment designed to keep your teeth safe on the field. The Under Armour mouth guard is custom fitted to each athlete not only to keep your teeth healthy, but also to help you increase both endurance and strength. These guards play a vital role in oral health and safety in any contact sport, and athletes are using them more and more often as their popularity increases each day.

What Are the Benefits of the Under Armour Mouth Guards?

Using a mouth guard is not a new concept in the world of sports. Many athletes already use them to help keep their mouth safe and their teeth healthy during the game. However, many assume that the purpose of a mouth guard in sports is to keep teeth in place when an athlete is hit or knocked down. Since any hit or fall could cause a tooth to come dislodged and fall out, athletes do use them for this purpose. However, they also use them for a number of other reasons.

Watch & Learn More About Under Armour Mouth Guards

The Under Armour mouth guard is created with something called Power Wedges. This allows your teeth to maintain the correct spacing between teeth. Many athletes are prone to clenching their teeth during the game, and Under Armour knows that there are a number of negative side effects that go along with clenching. This piece helps to counteract those effects, allowing athletes to better manage their health.

Finally, each Under Armour mouth guard is created with ArchFit and Polymner Shrink to enable the piece to better fit into the mouths of athletes. This makes it far easier to speak and to breathe. Athletes need all the help they can get on the field, which is what makes this product superior.

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Vestal Dental Associates is a certified Under Armour performance mouth wear provider. This means we can fit you and customize your own Under Armour mouth guard. There is a difference between a custom mouth guard and one you can pick up at any sports retailer. When yours is custom fitted to our mouth, as we do for our patients, your teeth are healthier, safer and you are better able to prepare for your game without worrying about your teeth. Call our certified Under Armour performance mouth wear providers today to discuss your own custom mouth wear at (607) 785-3339.


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