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Serving the Dental Care Needs of Our Binghamton Patients

For more than 6 decades, our team of dedicated and experienced dentists have been changing lives one smile at a time throughout the greater Binghamton NY region. It’s with great pleasure we work closely with our patients to encourage proper oral care, healthier smiles, and educate families on the importance of regular dental care. Our care is highly personal and exceptionally tailored to the individual needs of each patient who walks through our door whether it’s their first time at the dentist or they’re here every six months. No two mouths are created equal, which is why our team of dedicated staff works to provide a completely unique experience tailored to each patient.

Our goal is to provide patients with a sense of calm and comfort in knowing our dentists and dental professionals have more than a century of combined dental experience. We want you to enjoy your visits to our office so you look forward to coming back for your regular cleanings.  Because your overall health is impacted significantly by your oral health, we don’t want you to skip any of your regularly scheduled appointments. Regular visits allow our team of dental care professionals to catch potential issues when they begin rather than when they become a bigger problem. Preventative care is always our first choice, which is why we want to see your healthy, smiling face every six months.

Our patients are our number one priority, which is why we offer such a comprehensive array of services. If you live or work in Binghamton, make the short trip to Vestal Dental Associates to help you feel more confident, live healthier, and smile more.

Preventative Dentistry

Prevention is the best form of oral health. By visiting our offices regularly, we help you stay on top of your good oral health. Our preventative dentistry options include:

Preventative care allows us to keep a close eye on your oral health to prevent issues from occurring. Our preventative services help minimize your risk of developing gum disease, enamel wear, and cavities. If one should begin to develop, seeing us regularly allows our dentist to treat the problem before it becomes severe. This minimizes your risk of long-term oral health issues, more invasive treatment, and more serious dental health complications.

General Dentistry

General dentistry is a broad term, but we cover it all. Whether you need a natural white filling, a root canal, or a bridge, we help you with all of your general dentistry needs. Our team of dental professionals are well-versed in assisting you with your oral health needs, from allowing you to detect dental issues before they become significant, to helping you improve your smile. We also work with children as we specialize in pediatric dentistry as well as other forms of general dentistry. Teaching children from an early age the importance of good health care and how simply brushing and flossing daily can change their oral health is what we do everyday for our Binghamton patients.

We also specialize in:

Our office knows its way around your mouth, which is why we’re experts at providing our patients with the best dental care. Our general dentistry options are available to anyone in need of dental care, and we take care of your issues no matter how big or small when you come to see us.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Don’t let the term cosmetic fool you. We’re not in business just to make your smile brighter because you want to boost your confidence, but we certainly have no problem doing just that. Our goal with our cosmetic dentistry is to help you improve your smile when it may be less than perfect.

It doesn’t matter if you have teeth that require repair to ensure your good health or you simply want whiter teeth in your family photos, our team at Vestal Dental Associates is here to provide you with the care you need to make you look and feel better. Our patients are all treated equally and with the same amount of respect, which is why voluntary cosmetic procedures are treated with just as much care and enthusiasm as necessary cosmetic procedures. Our goal is to help our patients feel more confident and beautiful, and that’s easier with a smile that makes you proud. It’s the first ting many people see when they meet you for the first time, and imperfect fillings, crowns, veneers, or stained teeth can have a lasting effect on how others see you. More importantly, it has a lasting effect on how you see yourself.

Additional Services

We do it all, but we also do more. Are you afraid of the dentist to the point you haven’t been in years for fear of what might happen in the chair? We offer sedation dentistry as a resolution to your issue. We offer several different forms of sedation dentistry designed to make you feel more comfortable when you sit in our chair. Your oral health requires you visit the dentist, which is why we don’t want you skipping appointments because of your fear.

We also offer services to assist you with any sleep apnea and snoring issues you have as well as TMJ services and neuromuscular dentistry. These are common issues that affect many people whether they know it or not, and our office is here to help see you through these issues and find a solution to make your life a little more enjoyable.

What Sets Us Apart

Many people wonder what sets one dentist office apart from another, and it’s simple. Their care, their support, and their desire to treat patients like they are part of the family is what sets our office apart from others. We believe customer service is just as important as oral health, and your care and comfort come first. We walk you through all your issues, explain every process is great detail, and work closely to ensure your smallest children are always comfortable in our offices.

By ensuring you are comfortable and secure here, we can help improve your health. Our team of dental professionals works hard to create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for our Binghamton patients, and we couldn’t do that without your valued feedback and your stories.

Recent Patient Review

By: Erin Schultz - Binghamton, NY

Title: They are the best!

They are the best! In the past year I've had two emergency visits and two dental implants put in. They truly care about their patients & what the end results look like. I cannot be more greatful to have dentists who go the extra mile and make sure everything is perfect. I strongly recommend going to their office for any of your dental needs!


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If you’re ready to take control of your oral health, take the short drive from Binghamton NY to visit us or call to schedule your first appointment. Don’t worry if you have a fear of the dentist. You’re not alone, and we have options for you to help calm your nerves and allow you to relax as you enter the office.

Whether you have kids old enough for their first dental check-up, you’re ready to make a switch, or you want to find a new dentist for the entire family, our team is happy to serve you. Our staff is here to schedule an appointment that works with your schedule, your demands, and your comfort. Don’t wait to change your smile. It’s never too late to visit the dentist and begin living a life that’s healthier, more beautiful, and provides you with more confidence. You’re only one phone call away from the smile of your dreams.